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Create a Collaborative Doc

2 mn read Collaborative Doc can be used to create a multi editor document like Google Doc. Go to personal profile menu Select “Doc” from menu Click Create “New Doc” Insert Title Associated to Living Lab Select permission of the doc, choose who can edit, read and comment the document Save

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Create a new Article (Post)

2 mn read  Go to personal profile menu Articles Click “+New article” Insert Title , select Category and Tags Insert Article Content To insert an image in article editor click “Add Image” button Upload File for new image from your computer Media Library to select previous image uploaded Click insert to page button Insert Featured Image that is […]

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< 1 mn read MANAGE PERSONAL PROFILE Personal Profile Edit Personal Profile Setting HOW TO Edit Wiki Add an Event and Attach To a Living Lab Create a new Article Create Collaborative Doc Insert news, projects, events and articles on a specific Living Lab  

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How to edit wiki

3 mn read HOW TO EDIT WIKI GO TO THE WIKI OF THE LIVING LAB OF YOUR CHOICE FROM MENU  CLICK EDIT (ONLY ADMIN AND MODERATORS CAN EDIT WIKI) START TO MODIFY THE SAMPLE WIKI DOC Use  Heading Format (H1-H2-H3-H4-H5-H6) to create index structure. This paragraph is selectable on the edit menu tools bar . You can nest […]

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Personal Profile Edit

< 1 mn read Select “Profile” in personal profile menu  Select “Edit” to modify your personal data (Base) Select “Background” to add Main Language and Position to your profile Select “Change Profile Photo” to upload your profile image Select “Change Cover Image” to modify background image of your profile

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Personal Profile Settings

1 mn read Go to Personale Profile Menu -> Settings Select “General” to modify email and/or password Select “Email” to enable or disable notification Select “Profile Visibility” to enable / disable the visibility of your personal profile data Select export data to ask administrators to send you the file with all your details

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Add an Event and Attach to Living Lab

2 mn read Go to personal “Profile” menu Select “Events” Select “My Events” Click Add New Fill requested fields and select related Living Lab note: you must joined the living lab to be able to create events select also the same Living Lab in “Cateogry” field Upload Event Image Image is limited max 5000x5000px and 10Mb, is auto […]


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