Pre-Brokerage event on 14 & 15 December 2022 in Tunisia


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      The cross-border Brokerage event is an important opportunity for spin-off owners to bridge up with the stakeholders involved in the project, discuss their business ideas bilaterally, and explore new areas of collaboration with the players invited through matchmaking roundtables and B2B meetings.

      During this event, there will be competitive sessions between the participants to obtain awards for prototyping and the development of co-patent and co-publication.

      Italian delegation is already complete and eager to participate in the competitive sessions!

      Rim EL JENI

        Dear members
        I am very pleased to join the Transdairy group
        I will participate in the co-publication competition. In fact, I am a doctor in Biotechnology-Microbiology, from Tunisia- Pasteur Institute.
        My project focuses on producing beneficial bacteria having probiotic potential that will promote the development of dairy production (fermentation process and feed additive for livestock).
        I would like to interact with other teams working in similar fields of expertise to strengthen our research.
        Looking forward to meeting you.


          Dear all
          I am Giacomo Trombi, member of the Italian delegation. I will participate to both co-publication and co-patent competitions with our project, the VISTOCK platform. My pitch will be “Agrizapp – We help you better manage your cattle. Wherever you are”, as a matter of facts I am one of the co-founders of AgriZapp, academic spin-off and innovative startup aimed at bringing innovations and support in the agri-environmental sector. Our platform will support decision making process of farmers having cattle on pastures.

          The ICCS – Greek ICT LL is looking forward to seeing you in this interesting event. Well done to the orginizers!

          Giovanna De Micco

            I am pleased to be part of the TRANSDAIRY project!
            My name is Giovanna De Micco, representative of the Italian delegation with UNIVANVITELLI.
            I am founder of Made in Italy Bio, a circuit that promotes the Mediterranean Diet and markets precious treasures of our organic and Km.0 peninsula through its e-commerce site to a BtoB and BtoC market.
            Dieta Mediterranea Bio is the new line of independently labeled Organic, Km.0 and dairy products excellence that we produce.
            I am sure that this meeting opportunity will offer multiple networking opportunities, profitable and interesting!

          Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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          This project has been funded with the support of the ENI CBC MED Programme of the European Union. This communication reflects the views only of the authors, and neither the European Commission nor the ENI CBC MED programme can be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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